Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs

I am absolutely thrilled to share with you the indulgent flavor explosion that is Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs!

Looking for a delicious and quick breakfast idea?

Look no further than these amazing Greek eggs with tomatoes and cheese in a frying pan!

This simple recipe will guide you through the steps of creating a fabulous scrambled egg dish with tomatoes, all in just five minutes.

The aroma of this fragrant treat will leave you wanting more.

Don’t forget to share this hearty dish with your loved ones!

Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs - VIDEO RECIPE

Did you know that eggs and tomatoes can create a truly wonderful dish?

And I’m not talking about a simple fried egg with tomato slices.

This amazing treat is a popular breakfast choice in Greece.

In just a few minutes, you can create a mouthwatering dish that will leave everyone asking for more.

It’s a light yet satisfying dish that will fill you with positivity and energy for the entire day.

For an even better experience, pair these Greek scrambled eggs with a slice of crusty bread.

Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs - VIDEO RECIPE

To start, you’ll need to peel the tomatoes.

This can be easily done by making crosswise notches on them and then placing them in boiling water for 1-2 minutes.

Once the tomatoes are ready, chop them finely using a kitchen chopper or a knife.

In a frying pan, fry some garlic and add the chopped tomatoes.

Allow any excess liquid to evaporate before adding the eggs.

Enjoy the flavors of Greece right in your own kitchen!

Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs - VIDEO RECIPE

These Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs require just 3 main ingredients, some spices, and you’ll have an incomparable dish ready to enjoy!

Eggs, tomatoes, and a little bit of cheese are all you need.

For an extra burst of flavor, fry some chopped garlic in vegetable oil.

This garlic-infused oil will add a pleasant spice and wonderful aroma to your scrambled eggs.

And when the dish is ready, don’t forget to sprinkle it with grated cheese.

So why not treat yourself and your loved ones to this delightful breakfast?

how to cook Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs?


Prepare the tomatoes by slicing them crosswise with precision.

TIPS: For this recipe, it’s best to use medium-sized or big tomatoes.


Then, douse them with hot water and let them soak for 1-2 minutes.


After that, remove the tomatoes and rinse them with cold water.


Peel off the skin from these tomatoes.


Then chop them into coarse pieces.


Next, toss the chopped tomatoes into a food chopper and blend until smooth.

TIPS: Wondering how to grind the tomatoes without a kitchen chopper? No worries! You can use an immersion or regular blender, or even a plain meat grinder instead.


Heat up a frying pan with a splash of vegetable oil over medium heat. Toss in the chopped garlic and let it sizzle for a minute.

TIPS: Now, let’s talk about garlic. Wondering how to chop a clove of garlic? There are a couple of options. You can either use a garlic press to get that perfect mince. Or finely chop the garlic with a sharp knife. Both methods work like a charm.


Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Add the chopped tomatoes, stir, and cook for 10 minutes until the excess liquid evaporates.


Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Crack the eggs into a bowl and give them a good stir.


Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Mix in the egg mixture, season with dried basil, salt, and black pepper.

TIPS: Instead of using dried basil, you can opt for fresh basil to add more flavor. Just make sure to wash it, dry it, and finely chop it before using.

TIPS: Feel free to experiment with different herbs and spices to suit your taste preferences.


Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Continue cooking for another 5-8 minutes over low heat.

TIPS: Continue to stir until the eggs are cooked to your liking. Be sure not to overcook the eggs, as they will become dry and rubbery.


Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs

After that chop the parsley finely.

TIPS: If you don’t have fresh parsley on hand, don’t worry! You can easily substitute it with dried parsley. While fresh parsley adds a vibrant touch, dried parsley still brings a pleasant herbaceous flavor to your dish. So, feel free to use whichever option suits your pantry.


Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Grate the cheese using a coarse grater.

TIPS: Pre-grated cheese is incredibly convenient for preparing a wide range of dishes.


Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs

To finish off this delectable dish, sprinkle it with grated cheese. Then garnish it with chopped parsley leaves.

TIPS: Serve the Greek cheese tomato scrambled eggs hot with a side of crusty bread or a simple salad. This dish is perfect for a quick and satisfying breakfast or light lunch.


Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Enjoy the burst of flavors in every bite of these tasty Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs!

Greek Cheese Tomato Scrambled Eggs


  • Tomatoes – 4 pcs. (500 g)
  • Eggs – 6 pcs. (300 g)
  • Garlic cloves – 1 pc. (5 g)
  • Dried basil – 1/2 tsp. (1 g)
  • Salt – 1/2 tsp. (3 g)
  • Ground black pepper – 1/3 tsp. (1 g)
  • Cheese – 1/5 pack (40 g)


  • Parsley

Cooking steps:

  1. Shallowly cut each tomato crosswise. Pour hot water over the tomatoes. Leave for 1-2 minutes. Remove and rinse with cold water. Peel the tomatoes and chop coarsely.
  2. Place the chopped tomatoes in the bowl of a food chopper and chop until smooth.
  3. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater. Coarsely chop the parsley.
  4. Place eggs in a medium bowl and stir.
  5. Pour a little vegetable oil into a frying pan heated over medium heat. Add chopped garlic and fry for 1 minute over medium heat. Add chopped tomatoes, stir, continue cooking for 10 minutes until excess liquid has evaporated. Add eggs, season with dried basil, salt and black pepper, stir. Cook for another 5-8 minutes.
  6. Sprinkle the finished dish with grated cheese and garnish with chopped parsley leaves.

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