Easy Coconut Plum Crumble – VIDEO RECIPE

I am absolutely thrilled to share with you the delightful recipe for Easy Coconut Plum Crumble!

This heavenly dessert combines the natural sweetness of plums with the irresistible tropical flavor of coconut.

As it bakes, the topping transforms into a crispy golden delight.

While each bite of the cake offers a delightful combination of soft coconut flavor and walnut pieces.

This awesome plum crumble is guaranteed to dazzle your taste buds and leave you craving for more!

Easy Coconut Plum Crumble - VIDEO RECIPE

Indulge in the ultimate treat of a moist plum cake topped with a tasty crunchy coconut crumble.

This simple step-by-step recipe will guide you through the process of creating this amazing plum cake quickly and effortlessly!

The irresistible combination of the crunchy golden coconut topping and the sweet, ripe plums results in a truly heavenly plum cake.

Whether you’re seeking warmth on a winter evening or a mood booster on a summer day, this aromatic plum treat is guaranteed to hit the spot.

Easy Coconut Plum Crumble - VIDEO RECIPE

Surprise your loved ones with a mouthwatering and nutritious breakfast with juicy plum pieces and sweet coconut crumbs.

One undeniable advantage of this recipe is that you won’t need to search for a rolling pin or deal with dough.

Simply grab any ovenproof dish and prepare the plum filling.

Then generously sprinkle the fragrant coconut topping with nutty pieces on top.

As the plums bake in the oven, they acquire an incredible fruity sweetness and an indescribable softness.

Easy Coconut Plum Crumble - VIDEO RECIPE

This fruity dessert is the perfect companion for a cozy evening.

You can enjoy this totally delicious cake using overripe plums during the summer or frozen plums during the winter.

For an extra special experience, serve this Easy Coconut Plum Crumble warm.

The juicy and fragrant plum filling remains pleasantly warm.

With each bite, you will be transported to paradise as the burst of tangy plums mingles harmoniously with the aromatic coconut undertones.

While the golden sprinkles on top offer a satisfying coconut sweetness that crumbles on your tongue.

Easy Coconut Plum Crumble – VIDEO RECIPE

Easy Coconut Plum Crumble - VIDEO RECIPE

how to cook Easy Coconut Plum Crumble?


Сливовый пирог с крошкой 5

To start, preheat your oven to 200°C (400⁰F). Take slightly thawed plums and cut them lengthwise into four pieces.

TIPS: Now, let’s talk about plums. If you can’t find frozen ones, don’t worry! Fresh fruits work just as well. Just make sure to wash the plums, cut them in half lengthwise, and remove the pits. Easy peasy!


Сливовый пирог с крошкой 4

In a small bowl, combine cornmeal, sugar, and vanilla sugar, and give it a good stir.

TIPS: If you don’t have ready-made cornmeal, no problem! You can make your own by grinding corn grits (polenta) in a coffee grinder. It’s a simple solution that will save you a trip to the store.


Сливовый пирог с крошкой 3

Next, place the sliced plums in a large bowl and add the flour mixture. Gently mix everything together.


Сливовый пирог с крошкой  2

In a medium bowl, combine flour, sugar, coconut shreds, chilled butter, and walnuts, mix.


Сливовый пирог с крошкой 1

Mix it all up using your fingers until it resembles bread crumb pieces. Once done, pop the topping in the refrigerator.

TIPS: When it comes to butter, make sure it’s chilled and not softened. Softened butter will mix in with the other ingredients and give you a regular dough instead of a delicious topping. So, keep that butter nice and cold!


Easy Coconut Plum Crumble - VIDEO RECIPE

Grease two 15cm baking dishes with butter. Place the plum filling into the prepared dishes.


Easy Coconut Plum Crumble - VIDEO RECIPE

Spread the cooled topping evenly over the plum filling.


Easy Coconut Plum Crumble - VIDEO RECIPE

Now, place the dishes in the preheated to 200°C (400⁰F) oven. Bake for about 30 minutes until it turns a lovely golden brown.

TIPS: Looking for some helpful advice on how to preheat your oven and prepare it for baking? Look no further than my articles “How and Why Do You Need to Preheat Oven” and “Top 7 Secrets How to Bake in Oven”.


Easy Coconut Plum Crumble - VIDEO RECIPE

Once the crumbles are done, sprinkle them with powdered sugar and decorate with pieces of plums.


Easy Coconut Plum Crumble - VIDEO RECIPE

Serve Easy Coconut Plum Crumble warm, alongside a nice cup of tea. Enjoy your meal!

Easy Coconut Plum Crumble


for the filling

  • Corn flour – 3 tsp. (9 g)
  • Vanilla sugar – 1 sachet (10 g)
  • Sugar – 3 tbsp. (36 g)
  • Frozen plums – 1/2 pack (200 g)

for the crumb toppping

  • Flour – 4 tbsp. (36 g)
  • Sugar – 2 tbsp. (24 g)
  • Chilled butter – 1/4 cup (60 g)
  • Coarsely chopped walnuts – 2 tbsp. (16 g)
  • Coconut shreds – 1/2 cup (33 g)


  • Powdered sugar
  • Plums

Cooking steps:


  1. Cut halves of slightly thawed plums lengthwise into 4 pieces.
  2. Add cornmeal, sugar and vanilla sugar to a small bowl and stir.
  3. Place the chopped plums in a large bowl, add the flour mixture, and mix gently.

Crumb topping

  1. Pour flour, sugar, coconut shreds into a medium bowl, add chilled butter, add walnuts, mix.
  2. Using your fingers, rub the cooled butter into the dry ingredients until it resembles bread crumb pieces. Place the finished crumb topping in the refrigerator.


  1. Place the plum filling in two pre-greased 15cm round baking dishes. Spread the cooled topping evenly over the plum filling.
  2. Bake in a preheated oven at 200°C (400⁰F) for 30 minutes.
  3. Sprinkle the finished crumbles with powdered sugar and decorate with pieces of fresh plums.


  1. It’s very tasty)) However, I didn’t add coconut flakes. But it still was awesome!)

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